Company Overview

E - Learning

  • Cliantha Research's foundation is based on employee training. We are amongst the few CROs to have a dedicated Training Department to design and deploy training content for the employees.
  • Cliantha’s E-learning system is defined by specific functions and various competency levels. The Learning Management System is a robust learning technology, custom designed for life science needs. The training content is deployed in short modules with animations and videos. There are provisions for online assessments and needs-based reports.
  • We operate with an integrated training, learning and performance support function that employs a variety of instructor-led and/or technology-enabled modules. These training modules are designed to facilitate employees’ advancement of their knowledge and skills required for effective performance as a professional.
  • The e-learning content comprises of a list of available courses related to the SOPs, GCPs, GLPs, GCLPs, GDPs, in-house systems, operating procedures of Bioanalytical, Clinical, Quality Assurance, Pharmacokinetics, Biostatistics and Clinical Trials.
  • The Training Department also ensures extensive assessments and re-training for all the Cliantha team members. Furthermore, it supports practical on-the-job orientation for various departments, as well as external training by experts when required.

Regulatory Inspections

Last Inspection in Nov 2015
Inspected facility in Nov 2006
Inspected facility in Jan 2009
Last inspection in March 2017
Last inspection in April 2017
Last inspection in March 2013
Inspected facility in July 2013
Last inspected by Ministry of Health of Turkey in April 2013
Last inspection in April 2011